Ruby Gemstones

Natural Ruby Stone (Manik Stone)

Ruby Gemstone is liked for its Pure Red hue unlike seen in any other Gemstone. Rubies that are highly valued are available in a pure, rich and deep tone of red called “pigeon’s blood”.The color varies as per the location of its mining. From an orangish-red to a deep wine red, there is a wide range of hues that reflect their beauty on this gem. Buy ruby gemstone rings online. Buy ruby stone rings online at best price for astrology and engagement rings. We can provide customized gemstone rings as per the customer requirements.


Fine Grade / Premium Grade / Sup Premium Grade


Ruby Gemstone Premium 10+ 6.05ct

Starting at Rs21,420.00

SKU: 11250810
Ruby Gemstone Premium 10+ 6.1ct

Starting at Rs21,611.25

SKU: 11250811
Ruby Gemstone Premium 10+ 6.4ct

Starting at Rs22,673.75

SKU: 11281018
Ruby Gemstone Premium 13+ 7.85ct

Starting at Rs30,411.00

SKU: 11248111
Ruby Gemstone Premium 13+ 7.85ct

Starting at Rs30,411.00

SKU: 11250816
Ruby Gemstone Premium 13+ 8.1ct

Starting at Rs31,387.50

SKU: 11216359
Ruby Gemstone Premium 14+ 8.65ct

Starting at Rs33,526.50

SKU: 11250817
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.1ct

Starting at Rs38,304.25

SKU: 11216565
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.1ct

Starting at Rs38,304.25

SKU: 11266269
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.15ct

Starting at Rs38,506.25

SKU: 11216567
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.25ct

Starting at Rs38,935.50

SKU: 11223826
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.25ct

Starting at Rs38,935.50

SKU: 11226941
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.25ct

Starting at Rs38,935.50

SKU: 11269057
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.3ct

Starting at Rs39,137.50

SKU: 11226943
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.35ct

Starting at Rs39,339.50

SKU: 11216370
Ruby Gemstone Premium 15+ 9.4ct

Starting at Rs39,566.75

SKU: 11226946
Ruby Gemstone Premium 17+ 10.2ct

Starting at Rs42,925.00

SKU: 11215840
Ruby Gemstone Premium 17+ 10.3ct

Starting at Rs43,354.25

SKU: 11223829

Ruby stone Price, Facts, Properties, Benefits 

About Ruby Gemstone: 

Ruby is a precious gemstone that is truly appealing to people from all over the world. Any gem lover who has to list some of the most precious and truly beautiful gemstones of all times will always include the stunning Ruby gemstone on that list.

With mystical powers that make the gem absolutely alluring and powerful for the wearer, this gemstone is associated with the Sun.

Ruby Stone Facts: 

  • Ruby is considered the “King of Gemstones”. Rubies are rare and beautiful gemstones. No gemstone has been prized throughout the history of the gemstones as the Ruby has prized.
  • July is lucky to have such an amazing gemstone the “Ruby”. Ruby is the birthstone for July month. Those who born in the month of July also considered to be lucky to have ruby as an astrological gemstone for them and they will achieve greater benefits from the ruby gemstone after wearing it.
  • For centuries, the ruby has been regarded as one of the most valuable gemstones. In ancient Sanskrit, the ruby is called‘Ratnaraj’ or ‘King of Precious Stones. In Hindi, it is known as Manik.
  • Ruby belongs to Corundum mineral species. Corundum includes Sapphire in all colors and Ruby. Ruby is the special name given to the Red Colored Sapphire. 

Ruby Stone Properties: 

Color: Deep Red

Mineral Class: Oxides

Hardness: 9 (Mohs)

Refractive Index: 1.766 – 1.774

Group: Corundum

Chemical Composition: Aluminum Oxide (AI2O3)

Specific Gravity: 3.99 – 4.01

Pleochroism: Strong Dichroism

Optic Character of Ruby: Anisotropic

Ruby Stone Quality: 

For centuries now, the Burmese ruby has been a thing of beauty, highly valued in various regions of the world. This was particularly due to the fact that a Burmese ruby has a high presence of chromium, which makes the stone look exquisitely red. 

The Transparency of a gem Quality Ruby may vary from Transparent to Translucent. 

Translucent rubies are clear, extremely valuable and rare, whereas the Opaque rubies have so many inclusions that it is impossible to see through the stone. Opaque Rubies are considered as low on the quality scale.

Ruby Stone Benefits: 

  • It was believed that the Ruby is also used to enhance energy and to bring prosperity and success in one’s life.
  • Ruby was used to removing the illness relating to the blood and infection.
  • It is believed that this stone stimulates the heart chakra and brings spiritual wisdom, protecting the wearer from negative energies.
  • Ruby stone is able to dissolve confusion and give alert, sharp and focused eye! Individuals who are unable to set goals or see their works through to the end should try wearing a ruby and see the difference.
  • Wearing a natural ruby can help overcome timidity. 

How to wear Ruby Gemstone: 

To earn all these benefits, it is suggested by the astrologers that ruby stone should be worn following all the rules and rituals, otherwise wearing this Sun ruled gemstone does not bring sweet results. 

Day of Wearing Ruby: Sunday

Finger for wearing Ruby: Ring Finger

Metal for wearing Ruby: Gold or Panch-dhaatu alloy

The weight of the stone:  3 carats to 6 carats

Mantra for wearing Ruby: “Om Suryaya Namah” 

Ruby Stone Origin: Mining and Sources: 

The stunning natural ruby gemstones are found all over the world. Currently, the Best Source of Ruby is Burma (Myanmar) and Mozambique (Africa).

From Mozambique to Mogok and Mong Hsu, there are various regions that are known to produce excellent rubies. Some of the other such regions include Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, etc.

Ruby Stone Price: 

Unlike diamonds, the rubies are not graded. Ruby gemstone prices depend on the color, clarity, cut, and carat. Usually, a ruby with deep red color and a vivid saturation is priced higher than the rest. Likewise, the fewer the inclusions, the better the stone is considered. 

We mainly deal with the Fine and Premium Grade Ruby Gemstone 

Price of Ruby Gemstone Fine Grade Rs 840 per carat 

Price of Ruby Gemstone Premium Grade Rs 3400 per carat

Price of Ruby Gemstone Sup Pre Grade Rs 8040 per carat

How to Buy Natural Ruby Gemstone: 

Rather than relying on any random seller, make sure you find a renowned and dependable gemstone seller who has been a part of the gemstone industry for many years. When you plan to buy ruby gemstones, choose certified gemstones that are natural and not synthetic ones.

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We have a wide range of Ruby gemstone from Burma and Africa. 

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