Cats Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia)

Cats eye gemstone is a distinct gemstone due to its offbeat color in comparison to other stones. Cat's eye Chrysoberyl also known as lehsunia, the gemstone of Planet Ketu or South Node of the Moon. Cat eye gemstone is associated with the dominant planet Ketu. Get the latest info on Cats Eye Stone, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Cats Eye Stone prices for buying. Buy Cats Eye Gemstone rings online at best price for astrology and engagement rings. We can provide customized gemstone rings as per the customer requirements.

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Astrological Cats Eye Premium 10+ 6.1ct
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Cats eye Price, Facts, Properties, & Benefits

About Cats eye gemstone:

The gemstone representing the planet Ketu as per Indian astrological and gemological texts is known as Cat’s Eye, Lehsunia or Vaiduria. Cat’s eye gemstone is one of the most effective gemstones due to its affiliation with vengeful and coercive planet Ketu.

Cats eye Facts: 

  • Cat’s Eye is an Optical Phenomenon seen in Gemstones like Quartz, Chrysoberyl, Apatite, Moonstone, Tiger’s eye etc.
  • Since the 1st century, the most prized sources of Cat’s Eye has been Sri Lanka followed by India.
  • The cat eye or Lehsunia stone is equivalently powerful as a blue sapphire gemstone.
  • The cat eye gemstone due to its peculiar look is acknowledged with the name of Lehsunia in Hindi.
  • A dull or opaque cat’s eye causes ill-health.
  • In the Orient, the cat's eye is highly revered as a preserver of good fortune, the belief is that it guards the owner's wealth and it protects him from poverty.
  •  In Sri Lanka, cat's eye was considered to be a potent charm against evil spirits. 

Cats eye stone Properties: 

Refractive Index of Cats eye: 1.54 to 1.55

Specific Gravity of Cats eye: 2.65

Hardness on Moh’s scale: 8.5

Chemical Formula: BeAl2O4

Luster: Vitreous

Category: Oxide Mineral

Cat's Eye Stone Benefits: 

  • The Natural Cat’s Eye is a stone of good luck and fulfillment. It brings peace together with a sense of well-being, optimism, and generosity.
  • It also promotes emotional healing and balance, forgiveness and increased self-esteem. Chrysoberyl is equally believed to be a crystal of creativity, kindness, and protection.
  • Wearing a cat’s eye gem can give release from a lot of fears and complexes that keep a person crippled and hesitating from taking positive steps for one.
  • It saves the wearer from any kind of mishaps that are to happen and helps one strengthen their physical weakness and mental imbalances caused due to various circumstances in life.
  • By wearing Cats eye, one is favored with fortune and brings in numerous profitable ventures or businessmen.
  • For a person who has problems with stabilizing their emotions should wear it and enhance their senses and deal with the challenging situation.
  • Wearing cat’s eye gemstone will soothe the brain diseases and assists the wearer to overcome depression and gloom.

How to Wear Cat's Eye Stone? 

Day for Wearing Cats eye: Saturday

Finger for Wearing Cats eye: Middle

Metal for Wearing Cats eye: Silver

Mantra for Cat’s Eye: “Om Ketave Namah”

Cat's Eye Stone Quality: 

For the quality to be considered the best the Chatoyant Band- the line that resembles the eye of the Cat should be majestic, unbroken, silvery white like lightning and strong. The stronger the Cats Eye effect the better is the quality of the gemstone. 

Best Quality Cats Eye Chrysoberyl gemstone has a fine color from greenish-golden to golden green. Two parameters for judging best Cats Eye gemstone is the Color of the Cats Eye and the purity and nobility of the Chatoyant Band.

Cats eye stone sources and origins: 

Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl is both a popular and extremely valuable gemstone that is genuinely rare, being found only in a few deposits in the world.

There are only a handful of mines in the world where Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl is found, and this gem is truly a rarity. The largest deposits of Chrysoberyl are in India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Eastern Africa, Russia, Australia, and Canada. 

It has been found in a very big way in Orissa. It is also found in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar. 

The best quality Cats Eye Gemstones come from Sri Lanka and India.

Cat's Eye Stone Price: 

Price of the Cats eye mainly depends on its color and origin. Sehdev Jewellers deals with the natural and certified Chrysoberyl cats eye gemstone directly mined from India and Sri Lanka. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is Rare and Precious Gemstone. 

We mainly deal with the standard Cats eye gemstone.

Price of Cats eyes Standard grade is INR 200 INR per carat, Fine Grade 840 INR per carat, and premium grade 8040 INR per carat.

How to Buy Natural Cat's Eye Stone? 

Closely examine the color, cut and other subtle details of the stone cat eye before proceeding ahead from the authorized gem dealer.

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