Karwa Chauth Jewelry Gift Ideas ForWife

Karwa Chauth Jewelry Gift Ideas For Wife

India is a land of festivals and traditions where every festival is celebrated with full rituals and with great pomp and show. Karwa Chauth is one of the important occasion that is celebrated to strengthen the pious bond of love between husband and wife in India. Karwa Chauth is a one-day celebration that falls on Read More

What Does Your Favorite Gemstone Tells About Your Personality

What Does Your Favorite Gemstone Tells About Your Personality?

Gemstones are very attractive not only because of their color, but there are many other things about gemstone that can easily divert your attention. Do you know that your favorite gemstone reveals your personality? Yes, this is true. Today, we are going to tell 6 gemstones that will tell what actually type of person you Read More

Different Types and Origins Of Ruby Gemstone

Different Types And Origins Of Ruby Gemstones

Ruby gemstone is one of the most attractive and fascinating stone that has enjoyed alot of regal positions from ancient times. The ruby gemstone is popularly known as “King of gemstones” because of its beautiful color and hardness. Ruby gemstone is the “stone of love” and people loved to worn these rings in the form Read More

3 Easy Tips To Choose The Birthstone Jewelry Online

3 Easy Tips To Choose The Birthstone Jewelry Online

These days gemstone jewelry is getting immense popularity among people because of the different colors and shapes. Another reason for its popularity is the birthstone jewelry that is fashionable as well as meaningful for a person. There is a wide range of birthstone jewelry that a person can choose. They vary from pretty trinkets to Read More

Butterfly wing effect in Emeralds

Rare Colombian Emeralds With “Butterfly Wing” Effect Or “Gota De Aceite”

Emerald gemstone is a symbol of kindliness and power that is known for its charm & beauty. Gota de Aceite is the most valuable and rarest quality of Emerald gemstone. The word Gota de Aceite is a Spanish word that means “drop of oil”. This term is associated with the Colombian emerald and this effect Read More

4 Stunning Jewelry Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2017

4 Stunning Jewelry Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2017

Time is certain flying this year! Can you believe that half of the year is as of now gone? Father’s Day is appropriate around the bend (Sunday, June 18). Father’s Day was made in the nineteenth century as an approach to respect and commend the man who has had any kind of effect in your Read More

Origin and Traditions of Earrings

Origin And Tradition Of Earrings

There is something magical about earrings as they are unique and move with a life of their own. They are the most commonly worn types of fashionable jewelry that is desired by every woman. Nowadays the value of earrings lies in their beauty and in their tradition. Jewell’s beauty depends on their origin and tradition Read More